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Staff Testimonial

I worked at Barracudas in Bedford for 1 week at Easter as the Dance and Drama instructor and 4 weeks in the summer as a Lifeguard in 2016. Everyday is different at Barracudas, there are lots of great and fun activities for the children which are also fun for the staff to instruct and get involved in too. The staff are all very friendly and by the end of camp you are all great friends. The management team are all very helpful and guide you well when needed. Working for Barracudas has given me the extra experience I have needed to pursue my goal of becoming a teacher and has given me great confidence towards my current teacher training. I have also learned different sports and skills that I can use in the future. Barracudas is an incredible company to work for and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to pursue a career working with children.


Nicola Nicola 2nd November 2016


Bethany, Wokingham


Best Holiday Job!

Last year I worked as an MA in Norwich, this year SSI in Wokingham.

The atmosphere at Barracudas is something I've never experienced before in a work place, it provide an amazing working environment.

I've never been so willing to "get up and go to work"- my days would go so quickly, and I'd enjoy it all.

Both teams I've been apart of have been brilliant, everyone is lovely, fun loving and enthusiastic.

I'm currently studying medicine at university and this may seem like an odd choice of holiday work- but absolutely not!

I've learnt so much in such a short amount of time:
1. How to communicate with children better, how to explain things clearly so they understand first time.
2. How to liaise with parents both face to face and over the phone
3. Understanding how best to tackle "sticky situations"
4. How best to manage people
5. Learning behaviour management skills
^these are just a few examples of skills I've gained this Easter.. The list would go on and on..

I think working in 2 different camps has benefited me enormously as I've been able to see different ways of doing things/ tackling things. For example "Explore "n" Play" session- witnessing 2 different styles has only given me more ideas for the future.

Honestly, this job is perfect for anyone who has an interest in working with children: social work/teaching/physio/OT but is also indescribably valuable to anyone working with people- learning how to run structured sessions whilst having to constantly behaviour manage and be aware of H&S legislation, will benefit almost anyone!

A more senior role is perfect for those wanting to improve and demonstrate managerial skills (which employers love!!)

I'd also like to mention, your work with the children is not in vain at all- parents were so appreciative of our work! On our last day of camp parents were so grateful for the care we'd shown their children and how much fun their children had had.

I've had numerous part-time/holiday jobs and this tops them all!

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