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Staff Testimonial

I have worked at barracudas for five years now and have moved up roles from being a lifeguard to group coordinator to early years manager. Barracudas is just good fun, you get to work with great, like-minded people and help children have an exciting day. Also, I do like that there's opportunities to grow in the roles on camp. I started when I was 18 and I had developed my skills and this has been recognised by management, giving me the opportunity to progress. Working at barracudas has given me great experience and helped me so much while I was training to be a primary school teacher and once I had qualified. You learn so much from other staff across camp, that you become an expert in creating exciting and fun activities. At times I have been inspired. I would recommend barracudas to anyone with/wanting experience with children and who is willing to work hard. The people that work the hardest get the most out of the experience. It genuinely is a fun job and you meet really good friends.


Chloe Chloe 2nd November 2016

Roles | Camp Manager


Whatever your role at any Barracudas camp, your primary responsibility is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of children in your care, to safeguard them and protect them from harm. Once these fundamentals are ensured you should aim to give each of them such an amazing experience they can’t wait to come back!

Responsibilities: Camp Managers have overall responsibility for their camp, overseeing children, staff, facilities and equipment. As a Camp Manager you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the children and staff, helping to create such an amazing experience the children and the staff can’t wait to come back!

Duties include:
• Enforce health and safety regulations and ensure the camp is a safe environment
• Named deputy Designated Person on camp (dealing with child protection/safeguarding issues)
• Perform daily tasks to ensure camp runs effectively. Daily tasks include site tours, equipment checks, financial records, stock control, communicate with parents and manage your team. Tasks may be delegated to different members of your team, but you must ensure that they are completed
• Provide support and guidance for your team - you must communicate effectively with your team to ensure that camp runs smoothly and organise staff meetings regularly
• Lead onsite induction training for staff ahead of camp
• Communicate with Central Office to provide them with necessary information
• Assess and review staff performance. Staff will be assessed at the end of their first week working and at the end of the season
• Liaise with parents and guardians
• Point of contact for school liaison
• Oversee the set up weekend

• Attend Senior Training Day – date/location TBC
• Experience working on a camp or leading a team (e.g. Head of Year/Department at a school)
• You will be eligible to work in the UK
• Obtain an enhanced DBS check through Barracudas
• You will provide satisfactory references
• Be available for Induction Training Day and at least 1 set up day (these will be in the 7 day period prior to camp opening)

Salary: £475 - £600 per week (dependant on age, qualifications and experience)
Hours: 8am - 6pm

NB: The above is an example of what may be involved in your duties as a Camp Manager and is listed to give you an insight into what the role entails. Your day may be similar to this but not identical and will include a range of other tasks and responsibilities.

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