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Staff Testimonial

I worked as a group assistant for three weeks in the summer and had the most amazing experience. It was challenging, rewarding, enjoyable and informative. It was physically and mentally challenging because you are always incredibly busy, but you got home after a long day excited for the next. Being surrounded with so many lovely people as your colleagues was a big help and made the experience so much more enjoyable; friendships were created as a result. Everyone worked so well as a team and learnt from each other of a daily basis. There was never a day that I didn't learn something new. I gained unbelievable amounts of confidence during my time at camp and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to seek experience working in a child centred environment. I fully intend on re-applying for easter and summer again this year with the hope that it will be just as fun as last season.


Molly Molly 17th December 2018

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How Can We Help Develop Your Childcare Skills?

As a childcare company, Barracudas not only offer their staff experience in working with children, but we develop peoples skills and knowledge in childcare so that in the future they can go on to further a career with children if they choose to.

If you have little to no experience working with children, but you know that you want a career in working with them, Barracudas can provide you with the childcare experience which could help you follow on to other jobs. As we have a number of different ages of kids that come to us (4.5-14 years) working at camp can allow you to find out which age range of children you enjoy working with. Whether it’s the little Minnows or the more mature Barracudas you can test the waters to see which age suits you best.

The training programmes we offer staff members are there purely for you to develop skills. They are free, so we have eliminated the main obstacle for many of you (£££). We offer a Paediatric First Aid course which is not only useful for working in childcare, but any employer would see it as a brilliant asset for you to be first aid trained. The course also includes a certification in Epi Pen administrator for anaphylaxis which if you ask me is just an added bonus! We offer a Multi Activity training course which teaches you about the health, safety and wellbeing of the children when using certain pieces of equipment. Unlike the first aid, this is not a Nationally recognised qualification; but it still gives you experience in working with children in a way where you are teaching them to use equipment and developing new skills.

As a company, we value ourselves on the fact that we allow people to grow when working with us; many of our staff members have gone on to become school teachers and work in other childcare settings. A number of our staff that have started off in a red shirt position, have then continued to develop their knowledge with us and have gone on to a senior blue shirt position on camp.

For many of our staff members, the seasonal nature of our company is perfect for them. Whilst working for us, they are able to explore new areas to childcare that they wouldn’t necessarily do in their normal day to day job, this enhances their confidence and experience in childcare work. At Barracudas we don’t just teach you what you need to know to work for us, but we allow you to take the skills you learn into your future.