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Staff Testimonial

One of the best jobs I have ever had, enjoyed every minute of it! The Maidstone team were great, especially because of the management team!


Lauren Lauren 5th December 2017

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A Day in the Life on Camp

A Day in the Life on Camp:


The Day Begins! You’ll need to arrive at camp for 8:30, because without you the fun can’t start! This is when you will sign in to let everyone know you’re here and help the children to get signed in for the day!

The sign in process is called registration, where every child that’s scheduled to be at camp for the day is signed in as they come through the door and then shown to their baseroom by one of the team.

Session 1 - 9:30-10:30am:

Once everyone is safely in their baseroom, the fun can begin!

At this point the children will be given a choice of two activities to take part in and you will need to take the children that choose your activity to the activity area! 

This is where you will be on hand to show them how to take part, showing them the ropes, as they learn activities such as: football, golf and archery!

Once Session 1 has finished, you will need to take the children back to their baseroom safely, which is when morning break will start, and when you can have yourself a well-earned break!

Morning break time starts at 10:30am and finishes at 10:45. You will be given the choice of either taking your break at this point of the day, or during the afternoon break.

Session 2 – 10:45-11:40am

Once break has finished, the children will need to choose a new activity. If the activity is a sport that requires a specialist instructor, such as archery or fencing, then an instructor will also join you in leading the activity! 

Session 3 – 11:40-12:40pm

The fun doesn’t stop, as after this it’s straight into Session 3, which starts at 11:40am and finishes at 12:40pm, just in time for some lunch!

Lunch is between 12:40pm and 1:25pm.

When lunchtime arrives, you’ll accompany the children to the lunch room, having a break yourself and gathering some more energy for the afternoon.

Session 4 – 1:25-2:25pm

After lunch, we go again and the children can make their first activity choice of the afternoon.

Session 5 – 2:25-3:25pm

The session before afternoon break, don’t forget to grab everything you need to lead the activity.

Afternoon break is from 3:25-3:40pm.

Session 6 - 3:40-4:30pm

The final session of the day before collection, the last chance to have fun, so make it count!

Collection – 4:30-5:30pm

This is when the children will be collected from camp and where you need to ensure they have all of their belongings ready to be taken home! As the children start to leave, you’ll need to follow the collection procedure, ensuring the time each child is collected from camp is recorded!


Finish! A great day; tiring but fun! Time to enjoy your evening and prepare for the next day!