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Best Holiday Job! Last year I worked as an MA in Norwich, this year SSI in Wokingham. The atmosphere at Barracudas is something I've never experienced before in a work place, it provide an amazing working environment. I've never been so willing to "get up and go to work"- my days would go so quickly, and I'd enjoy it all. Both teams I've been apart of have been brilliant, everyone is lovely, fun loving and enthusiastic. I'm currently studying medicine at university and this may seem like an odd choice of holiday work- but absolutely not! I've learnt so much in such a short amount of time: 1. How to communicate with children better, how to explain things clearly so they understand first time. 2. How to liaise with parents both face to face and over the phone 3. Understanding how best to tackle "sticky situations" 4. How best to manage people 5. Learning behaviour management skills ^these are just a few examples of skills I've gained this Easter.. The list would go on and on.. I think working in 2 different camps has benefited me enormously as I've been able to see different ways of doing things/ tackling things. For example "Explore "n" Play" session- witnessing 2 different styles has only given me more ideas for the future. Honestly, this job is perfect for anyone who has an interest in working with children: social work/teaching/physio/OT but is also indescribably valuable to anyone working with people- learning how to run structured sessions whilst having to constantly behaviour manage and be aware of H&S legislation, will benefit almost anyone! A more senior role is perfect for those wanting to improve and demonstrate managerial skills (which employers love!!) I'd also like to mention, your work with the children is not in vain at all- parents were so appreciative of our work! On our last day of camp parents were so grateful for the care we'd shown their children and how much fun their children had had. I've had numerous part-time/holiday jobs and this tops them all!


Bethany Bethany 9th April 2016

Roles | Regional Equipment Supervisor

Our NEW Regional Equipment Supervisor role is a great opportunity for anybody that loves to be on the go, and is confident driving to different locations each day.

You will be allocated a region of camps within a close proximity to each other that you will be responsible for. Your main duties will be driving to camps delivering specialist equipment to them. You will be required to load and unload the vehicles and assist with the set-up of the kit on arrival. Your specialist equipment plan will be set for the season, but you will also need to assist your camps with a variety of tasks as and when needed.  This varies from topping up their consumables, to assisting with an activity session. As well as this you will be responsible for maintaining your camps local equipment hub. It’s important that the Regional Equipment Supervisor is motivated, and forward thinking within the role. 

Salary: £336 - £370 per week 


To fulfil this role, you must be 21 or over (due to insurance restrictions) and have held a driving licence for a minimum of 4 years. You must hold a valid DBS issued within the last 3 years. If you do not have a DBS, we can arrange one for you – however you are liable to pay for this. Regional Equipment Supervisors must undertake Barracudas training both online, and in person at our central office warehouse. 

Training dates: Saturday 24th June or Sunday 25th June 2017.

The above is an example of what may be involved in your role as a Regional Equipment Supervisor, and is designed to give you an insight into what the role entails. Your day may be similar to this but not identical and will include a range of other tasks and responsibilities. 



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