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I have worked as a lifeguard at a pool for 5 years before deciding to work as a lifeguard for Barracudas and I do not regret my decision. I have loved my new job, I get up every morning looking forward to the day. There's always something to do, it's fun for you as well as the kids, I've loved it and can't wait to go back. Thank you!


Rebecca Rebecca 2nd April 2016

Roles | Multi Activity Instructor

As a Multi Activity Instructor, you will be leading archery and motorsports activities to children on camp. You will be expected to lead fun and engaging sessions, whilst ensuring that safety is paramount at all times. You will be able to deliver two of our specialist activities, lead the Motor Mania skills builder course, and benefit from an instructor role wage. 

Age of children:  4.5 years – 14 years

Salary: £290 - £370 per week (dependant on age, qualifications and experience). 

Hours: 8.30am-5pm or 9am-5.30pm. The first Monday morning of camp will start at 7.45am for all staff and will be paid to you accordingly at the end of the season. There after you may be requested by your Camp Manger to start at 7:45am as required, this will be paid to you accordingly.

Requirements: Full Barracudas in-house multi activity training will be provided to you free of charge. You must complete this to be able to fulfil your contract. 

If you are a new staff member you will be required to attend an Assessment Day. This day will contain a mixture of practical and theory based workshops.

A DBS check is required for every memeber of staff who works for Barracudas.

A day at Barracudas for a Multi Activity Instructor:

Ahead of camp, you can read up on session ideas in our Specialist Instructor manual that you will have access to. This will give you ideas to base your sessions on, and allow you to use the knowledge you gained through your training. 

When you arrive at camp for your shift, you may be a runner, taking children from the registration point to a designated area on camp where an all camp activity may be taking place, or to the child’s base room where they will join the rest of their group. You may be involved in one of these activities, getting the children active from the moment they arrive at camp ready for their fun day ahead.

Once you have completed your safety checks, your day as a MA instructor can begin. Sessions 1 and 2 are archery with the Swordfish and Sharks, ages 8, 9 and 10. Introducing them to safety precautions, leading an upper body warm up and demonstrating to them how to use the bow to begin with, then introducing games such as highest scorer or putting a blown up balloon on the target for them to aim at. 

Session 3 is with the 7 year old Stingrays doing motorsports. Again, introducing the children to safety precautions, letting them walk the course and look at the vehicles, and demonstrating how to use them. Once they are familiar with the vehicles, you could introduce a driving test, or add some cones in the track for them to use as obstacles. 

Session 4 you might be leading the Motor Mania skills builder, whereas sessions 5 and 6 you may be joining a group of children and leading and helping with other activities such as code cracker, mini Olympics and capture the flag to name a few!

The end of the day is approaching, and the main timetable of activities has finished. You will then act as a runner again, collecting children from their base room when their parents and carers arrive at the collection point, sending them home tired from all the fun, excited to return to camp tomorrow!


The above is an example of what may be involved in your day as a Multi Activity Instructor, and is designed to give you an insight into what the role entails. Your day may be similar to this but not identical and will include a range of other tasks and responsibilities. 

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