Staff Testimonial

I worked at Barracudas in Bedford for 1 week at Easter as the Dance and Drama instructor and 4 weeks in the summer as a Lifeguard in 2016. Everyday is different at Barracudas, there are lots of great and fun activities for the children which are also fun for the staff to instruct and get involved in too. The staff are all very friendly and by the end of camp you are all great friends. The management team are all very helpful and guide you well when needed. Working for Barracudas has given me the extra experience I have needed to pursue my goal of becoming a teacher and has given me great confidence towards my current teacher training. I have also learned different sports and skills that I can use in the future. Barracudas is an incredible company to work for and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to pursue a career working with children.


Nicola Nicola 2nd November 2016

Roles | Lifeguard

Responsibilities: Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of children and staff in and around the pool area. Lifeguards must have full understanding of Barracudas NOP and EAP and implement all safety procedures therein. 

Duties include: 
• Follow policies and procedures outlined in the Swimming Pool file
• Complete daily checks of water, signage and buoyancy aids and maintain written records
• Provide safety instructions to bathers at the start of each session and ensure they are adhered to
• Direct non-Lifeguarding staff in their non-Lifeguarding pool duties
• Undertake swim tests, assign buoyancy aids as required and keep written records
• Ensure appropriate levels of staff and Lifeguards are maintained for bather levels
• Identify emergencies quickly and take the appropriate course of action
• Ensure the pool is securely locked all times when not in use
• Anticipate problems and prevent accidents from occurring

• A valid NPLQ issued through RLSS, STA, or HABC and be able to provide the original certificate
• Complete and pass a Barracudas competency assessment around CPR and physical fitness
• Be mentally alert, self-disciplined, physically fit and have good hearing and vision
• Be able to make a retrieval from the bottom of the pool you are Lifeguarding at
• All Lifeguards are required to attend a pool induction session, which may not be at your camp location
• Aged 18 or over by the time you start
• You will be eligible to work in the UK
• You will provide satisfactory references, 1 of which must be from a previous/current Lifeguarding role
• All staff must obtain an enhanced DBS check through Barracudas
• If you are new to Barracudas you will have to attend an Assessment day. These take place over the weekend at locations. You can view 2018 Assessment Day dates here. This day will contain a mixture of practical and theory based workshops
• All staff need to attend an Induction Training Day (this will most likely take place within a 7 day period before your camp opens)*

Age of children:  4½ years – 14 years  
Salary: £300 - £386 per week (dependant on age, qualifications and experience) 
Hours: 8.30am – 5.00pm

*During Induction training day, lifeguards will have time to read the Swimming Pool file and familiarise themselves with the contents for the specific pool they will be lifeguarding at, along with their duties and responsibilities. In any event it must be read prior to any lifeguarding duties.

NB: The above is an example of what may be involved in your duties as a lifeguard, and is designed to give you an insight into what the role entails. Your day may be similar to this but not identical and will include a range of other tasks and responsibilities.

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