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I worked at Barracudas in Bedford for 1 week at Easter as the Dance and Drama instructor and 4 weeks in the summer as a Lifeguard in 2016. Everyday is different at Barracudas, there are lots of great and fun activities for the children which are also fun for the staff to instruct and get involved in too. The staff are all very friendly and by the end of camp you are all great friends. The management team are all very helpful and guide you well when needed. Working for Barracudas has given me the extra experience I have needed to pursue my goal of becoming a teacher and has given me great confidence towards my current teacher training. I have also learned different sports and skills that I can use in the future. Barracudas is an incredible company to work for and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to pursue a career working with children.


Nicola Nicola 2nd November 2016

Roles | Group Co-Ordinator 11+

When children reach 11 years and for most are at a senior school, what they need from their Group Co-Ordinator changes. Staff with this age range are skilled to work with this delicate age of being too young to stay at home all day, but need their independence and self-determination.

This group still need support, encouragement and assistance making friends, and in some ways need more help as confidence levels and self-awareness varies hugely. They are able to reason and enjoy appropriate humour. Many will be competitive and on-going friendly competitions in the baserooms generally go down well and keep them interested all week.

Age of children: 11-14 years 

Salary: £250 - £370 per week (dependant on age, qualifications and experience). 

Hours: 8:30am-5pm or 9am-5:30pm.

Requirements: Experience and/or qualifications working with this age range in a childcare setting.

If you are a new staff member you will be required to attend an Assessment Day. This day will contain a mixture of practical and theory based workshops.

A DBS check is required for every memeber of staff who works for Barracudas.

A day at Barracudas for a Group Co-Ordinator 11+:

Ahead of camp, you will have access to online resources and staff handbooks to ensure you pass your online test.  This gives you a baseline knowledge of Barracudas childcare procedures before your induction training.

In the morning you will be waiting for your group to arrive into the baseroom. This room is for your group only and although serves as a functional space to leave coats and lunches, it is also ‘their’ space. By arranging furniture, you can make it into more of a common room. Music can usually be heard and doodle books and Sudoku-style puzzles are out.

As 9.30am draws near, organise choices and preferences for the timetable ensuring fairness on sessions where there are maximum numbers for safety. A specialist will join you each session and run their activity and you will offer an opposing alternative. Sometimes this group also like to produce sessions for the youngest ones on camp, under your supervision. To give them the independence they need, you and they have some flexibility to adapt the timetable, once agreed with your manager of course.

When the end of the day is approaching and the main timetable has finished, you will then organise some activities in the baseroom again until parents arrive to collect. Again this is quite relaxed so they can choose what to do, your job is to ensure fairness and equal access to the resources. Some children may be signed off to walk home alone, but for the majority parents will still collect them.

Easter and summer camp jobs available.

The above is an example of what may be involved in your day as a Group Co-Ordinator 11+, and is designed to give you an insight into what the role entails. Your day may be similar to this but not identical, and this will include a range of other tasks and responsibilities.