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I started working at Barracudas in the summer of 2016 as a Group Coordinator in Cobham. I had an absolutely amazing time, it helped me learn how to coordinate with lots of children and how to run fun, exciting sessions. This experience has contributed greatly to my teaching knowledge and has helped my confidence in and out of the classroom grow enormously. The managers were extremely helpful and informative, without being intimidating or condescending. They made the whole experience a lot easier for the new staff and ensured we all had a great time. Thanks for a great summer, Barracudas!


Georgia Georgia 22nd November 2016

Roles | Fencing Instructor

For many children this will be their first time trying fencing, so you will have excited but nervous, eager but hesitant and confident but not yet competent skills to manage and emotions to settle! You will spend most of your day leading these sessions considering safety at every point.

Age of children:  4½ years – 14 years (4 ½ - 6 years use foam fencing sets)

Salary: £290 - £370 per week (dependant on age, qualifications and experience)

Hours: 8.30am-5pm or 9am-5.30pm.

Requirements: Core Coach British Fencing Association training will be provided to you free of charge. You must complete and pass this before your contract begins.

If you are a new member of staff you will be required to attend an Assessment Day. This day will contain a mixture of practical and theory based workshops.

A DBS check is required for every member of staff who works for Barracudas.

A day at Barracudas for a Fencing Specialist:

As well as the British Fencing course, you will have access to online resources and staff handbooks to ensure you pass your online test ahead of camp. This gives you a baseline knowledge of Barracudas childcare procedures before your induction training.

When you arrive at camp each day, you may have the important role of being a ‘runner’. You will be the first staff member the child meets and as such their first impressions will be with you. You will need to settle any nerves, be positive and encouraging and introduce them to their Group Co-ordinator who will continue the settling process and introduce them to other children in their group.

When the timetable starts at 9.30am, you may start with the 7-8 year old Swordfish. Each group will need a warm up first as fencing is fairly active session. You can then follow your training by introducing the moves and then the equipment and then put it together through the various games. As children over 7 years of age use the full foils, safety is essential and you must be their role model.

Later in the day you have the Minnows and Starfish who under 7, so they will be offered foam fencing. You can show the groups the basic moves and techniques and being younger, the games are play based incorporating stories of swash buckling pirates!

Within your day, you may also join a group of children leading or helping to provide quality childcare within other activities such as football, Billy hunt or table tennis championships to name a few!

When the end of the day is approaching and the main timetable of activities has finished, you will then act as a runner again. Following our security procedures, you reunite child and parent together again, with hopefully an excited and worn out child who can’t wait to come back and a very happy parent.


The above is an example of what may be involved in your day as a Fencing Instructor, and is designed to give you an insight into what the role entails. Your day may be similar to this but not identical and will include a range of other tasks and responsibilities