Staff Testimonial

I have worked at barracudas for five years now and have moved up roles from being a lifeguard to group coordinator to early years manager. Barracudas is just good fun, you get to work with great, like-minded people and help children have an exciting day. Also, I do like that there's opportunities to grow in the roles on camp. I started when I was 17 and I had developed my skills and this has been recognised by management, giving me the opportunity to progress. Working at barracudas has given me great experience and helped me so much while I was training to be a primary school teacher and once I had qualified. You learn so much from other staff across camp, that you become an expert in creating exciting and fun activities. At times I have been inspired. I would recommend barracudas to anyone with/wanting experience with children and who is willing to work hard. The people that work the hardest get the most out of the experience. It genuinely is a fun job and you meet really good friends.


Chloe Chloe 2nd November 2016

Roles | Area Manager

Area Managers are responsible for overseeing a number of activity camps within a geographical area. The role includes managing, auditing and supporting senior and general staff on camp throughout the season. Audits carried out by the Area Manager are extremely important, as they ensure that procedures are followed, also providing the opportunity to report on the great work the camp staff are doing. You will be a main point of contact for the camps within your area, supporting them both in person and over the telephone.

Salary: £450 - £550 per week (dependant on qualifications and experience).

Requirements: Previous experience on camp within a management role. You would need to attend the Area Managers training day.

A day at Barracudas for an Area Manager:

Your previous knowledge of camp management will help you in this role to guide and advise others in their role.

Your day may start by going to observe registration on camp, giving feedback and making suggestions for improvement if needed, as this is where parents form their first judgement of the camp and staff. You may stay at camp to observe the first activity session, or you may head to another location within your area as OFSTED have arrived and the senior team need some support on the inspection. 

No two days will be the same in this role. You will be visiting different camps, meeting different staff and will be passing your knowledge onto others through audits and suggestions, ensuring that camps are the best they can be and that we are providing an outstanding service for parents, children and staff. 


The above is an example of what may be involved in your day as an Area Manager, and is designed to give you an insight into what the role entails. Your day may be similar to this but not identical and will include a range of other tasks and responsibilities. 

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