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Best Holiday Job! Last year I worked as an MA in Norwich, this year SSI in Wokingham. The atmosphere at Barracudas is something I've never experienced before in a work place, it provide an amazing working environment. I've never been so willing to "get up and go to work"- my days would go so quickly, and I'd enjoy it all. Both teams I've been apart of have been brilliant, everyone is lovely, fun loving and enthusiastic. I'm currently studying medicine at university and this may seem like an odd choice of holiday work- but absolutely not! I've learnt so much in such a short amount of time: 1. How to communicate with children better, how to explain things clearly so they understand first time. 2. How to liaise with parents both face to face and over the phone 3. Understanding how best to tackle "sticky situations" 4. How best to manage people 5. Learning behaviour management skills ^these are just a few examples of skills I've gained this Easter.. The list would go on and on.. I think working in 2 different camps has benefited me enormously as I've been able to see different ways of doing things/ tackling things. For example "Explore "n" Play" session- witnessing 2 different styles has only given me more ideas for the future. Honestly, this job is perfect for anyone who has an interest in working with children: social work/teaching/physio/OT but is also indescribably valuable to anyone working with people- learning how to run structured sessions whilst having to constantly behaviour manage and be aware of H&S legislation, will benefit almost anyone! A more senior role is perfect for those wanting to improve and demonstrate managerial skills (which employers love!!) I'd also like to mention, your work with the children is not in vain at all- parents were so appreciative of our work! On our last day of camp parents were so grateful for the care we'd shown their children and how much fun their children had had. I've had numerous part-time/holiday jobs and this tops them all!


Bethany Bethany 9th April 2016

Roles | 1:1 Support Assistant

Barracudas is an inclusive setting and we often have children attending camp with additional needs, some of whom require individual support to ensure they are able to access the camp and al it has to offer. As a 1:1 Support Assistant you will work closely with one specific child throughout the day, ensuring their individual welfare needs are met and to enable them to make the best possible progress. You may need to implement strategies to support their integration with peers, remind them of boundaries and ensure everyone's safety during activities. 

Ahead of camp a form will be completed by the child’s parent/carer about their needs, likes, dislikes etc. which will be passed to you to help prepare unique strategies to support the child before you meet them on their first day. You will also have the support of a named Barracudas SENCO who will know more about the child. We also supply various resources to support you including visual timetables, emotion cards, reward cards & stickers which are all available to you, and your camp will agree a time out area just in case it is needed.

No two days will be the same in this role and it may be that over the course of a season whilst employed for Barracudas you are the 1:1 Support Assistant for a number of different children at different times.

Whilst they are at camp the support, welfare and enjoyment of the child will remain the main focus of this role.

Age of children: 4½ years – 14 years

Salary: This will be discussed at time of contracting and will be dependent on age, qualifications and experience. 

Hours: Your hours and days will match those of the child you are supporting, usually 9.00 am - 5.00 pm.

Requirements: Previous experience working with children with additional needs is desirable, however if you have an interest in the role and are suitable to the position your application will be considered. 

If you are a new staff member you will be required to attend and Assessment Day. This day will contain will contain a mixture of practical and theory based workshops.

A DBS check is required for all staff who work for Barracudas.  


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