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Staff Testimonial

Best Holiday Job! Last year I worked as an MA in Norwich, this year SSI in Wokingham. The atmosphere at Barracudas is something I've never experienced before in a work place, it provide an amazing working environment. I've never been so willing to "get up and go to work"- my days would go so quickly, and I'd enjoy it all. Both teams I've been apart of have been brilliant, everyone is lovely, fun loving and enthusiastic. I'm currently studying medicine at university and this may seem like an odd choice of holiday work- but absolutely not! I've learnt so much in such a short amount of time: 1. How to communicate with children better, how to explain things clearly so they understand first time. 2. How to liaise with parents both face to face and over the phone 3. Understanding how best to tackle "sticky situations" 4. How best to manage people 5. Learning behaviour management skills ^these are just a few examples of skills I've gained this Easter.. The list would go on and on.. I think working in 2 different camps has benefited me enormously as I've been able to see different ways of doing things/ tackling things. For example "Explore "n" Play" session- witnessing 2 different styles has only given me more ideas for the future. Honestly, this job is perfect for anyone who has an interest in working with children: social work/teaching/physio/OT but is also indescribably valuable to anyone working with people- learning how to run structured sessions whilst having to constantly behaviour manage and be aware of H&S legislation, will benefit almost anyone! A more senior role is perfect for those wanting to improve and demonstrate managerial skills (which employers love!!) I'd also like to mention, your work with the children is not in vain at all- parents were so appreciative of our work! On our last day of camp parents were so grateful for the care we'd shown their children and how much fun their children had had. I've had numerous part-time/holiday jobs and this tops them all!


Bethany Bethany 9th April 2016

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Training Courses for 2017

Training courses are now available to book!

We offer a wide variety of FREE training courses here at Barracudas for our contracted staff. There are a number of different training weekends that you can attend ahead of the Easter or summer season that you are working.

The courses we offer and the dates they are available are listed below:


If you do this two day course you will walk away with a Nationally recognised British Fencing Association qualification. This course is running on:

  • 25th/26th March in Upminster and Cobham
  • 1st/2nd July in St Albans and Cobham
  • 8th/9th July in Upminster and Chislehurst

Paediatric First Aid

This 12-hour course is Nationally recognised. This course is running on:

  • 11th/12th March in Chislehurst
  • 25th/26th March in Upminster and Cobham
  • 1st/2nd July in St Albans and Cobham
  • 8th/9th Upminster and Chislehurst
  • 15th/16th Huntingdon

Multi Activity (includes archery and motorsports)

This two day course is running on:

  • 11th/12th March in Chislehurst
  • 25th/26th March in Upminster and Cobham
  • 1st/2nd July in St Albans and Cobham
  • 8th/9th July in Upminster and Chislehurst
  • 15th/16th in Huntingdon


This one day course runs on:

  • 25th March in Cobham
  • 26th March in Upminster
  • 2nd July in St Albans
  • 8th July in Chislehurst
  • 9th July in Upminster


This course runs for half a day and is compulsory for when a lifeguard’s NPLQ does not cover the depth of the pool at their camp. It is also compulsory if you have not had any professional development within four months of your starting date. This course runs on:

  • 25th March in Upminster
  • 1st July in Croydon
  • 8th July in Upminster


This course is for camps that do not have pools. This course is running on:

  • 1st July in St Albans (9am - 11am)
  • 1st July in Cobham (2pm – 4pm)
  • 15th July in Huntingdon (9am – 11am)
  • 15th July in Huntingdon (2pm – 4pm)

Specific times, locations, and more information about the courses can be found on our recruitment website underneath the training tab here

If you sign up to one of our training courses or are returning to a specialist position where you already hold a relevant qualification that you have achieved through Barracudas, you will be entered into a raffle. The raffle will be drawn at the end of Easter and then again at the end of summer.

• First Prize: £200
• Second prize: £100
• Third prize: £50

After receiving your contract log into the staff room to book onto a training course. After successfully booking on to a training course you will be automatically entered into the raffle. Good luck!