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I have worked at Barracudas for 4 seasons as both a red shirt and SSI. I really enjoy the activities that Barracudas run and working with the kids who create a great atmosphere. I am a PE teacher but started working when I was still training so helped me gain more experience and practice my teaching skills. Being SSI has helped me gain management experience and is benefiting me in my career progression.


Stephanie Stephanie 2nd November 2016

News articles

The Big Move - 05/10/15

Every year the number of Barracudas Activity Day Camps is growing. In summer 2013 we had 29 Camps, 2014 Barracudas had 31 summer camps, and 2015 took us to 34 camps. Next year, 2016, we are hoping to add another 2-4 camps.  

To keep up with the growth of the business the Barracudas staff team has also had to grow and employing 5 new full time members of staff in the last month, has meant we’ve had to re locate to fit everyone in.

After 10 years of being based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire ‘The Big Move’ has taken us around 10 miles along the road to Warboys. We are now in the Barracudas warehouse under the same roof as our equipment team.  
You’re thinking warehouse, cold, dull, dingy?  Well actually it’s quite the opposite; it’s amazing we’ve really been spoilt.

The Big Move has taken a lot of time and hard work by lots of different people. The whole building has had to have a revamp, from adding offices to plastering walls and having new kitchens and toilets fitted.

From a blank canvas the office is now open plan and set in islands of 4 desks, 1 for each team. We have inspiring quotes and canvases on the walls with hand painted white boards in hand drawn frames.

On the day of The Big Move we were all given 2 big boxes to pack up our things, one for our personal items and the other for our computers and desk things. Once our boxes were packed we loaded up the Barracudas vans and they were taken over to the warehouse. The next day we all started our day by going straight to the warehouse and spent the morning setting up our computers and sorting out our desks. By the afternoon everyone had already settled in and we were back up and running.

 Being out in the countryside instead of the middle of a town is a real change, so to help with that we have this amazing new staff room.

We have a bouldering wall, pool table, table tennis table and a tin cow, what more could you ask for? A toasted sandwich maker? A smoothie maker? Yes we have those too and to top it all off we have a visit from the Sandwich Bar snack van and even the Ice cream van on a daily basis! 

So overall The Big Move has been a big hit with the Barracudas team!


Our new address is:

Airfield Industrial Estate, 
Unit 9, 
PE28 2SH

Email and telephone numbers remain unchanged