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Staff Testimonial

I have just completed my 4th summer working for Barracudas. I started in 2014 as a group assistant and have worked every Easter and summer since. I progressed into the Early Years Coordinator role and as of this year became an Early Years Manager. In this time I’ve worked at two different camps and have thoroughly enjoyed working at both. Working for Barracudas has been really convenient for me, as I started just before I began training to become a Primary School Teacher, which meant I was able to work somewhere for the holidays, not only that I enjoy, but could gain a wealth of experience from. I have worked with a range of people, many that work with children outside of Barracudas also, but all have the same passion and enjoyment working with children. I’ve made some friends for life from working at camp! Going to work every day and being able to have fun with kids and act like a big kid yourself sometimes is a fun way to earn some money over the holidays. I’ve always been supported from when I started, whether it be by red shirts, blue shirts or by the area team or head office now I’m a blue shirt myself; Barracudas has really enhanced my professional development, especially in finding different ways to adapt activities to different children, behaviour management, and leadership skills, all which I can use away from camp. I would recommend working at Barracudas to anyone, but especially to those who would like a career working with children, the experience is invaluable!


Niamh Niamh 14th September 2017
Hemel Hempstead

News articles

The 2018 Senior Team Structure

The Structure of the Senior Team

Working at camp this year? Here is the how the senior team will be structured.

Area Manager:

This is the most senior role in the senior team and is based around supporting a variety of different camps in a small geographical area, providing support and advice on a day-to-day basis!

Within this role there is the important responsibility of being a strong ambassador for Barracudas, as it is vital that area managers can help us to build and maintain a fantastic relationship with: schools, staff, children and parents!

The area manager also assists with: various camp duties, camp audits and feedback, OFSTED inspections, staffing and training, answering any camp based queries, monitoring cash and dealing with confidential issues.

Working Hours: 8am-6pm

Camp Manager:

This role is very important within the senior team, as our camp managers manage the frontline when it comes to giving the children such as amazing experience they want to come back! 

The camp manager oversees all activity at an individual camp, ensuring: health and safety, child protection and safeguarding regulations are all upheld. They are also responsible for engaging in other daily tasks, such as: communicating with parents, ensuring everything is in place for children to have fun, running camp effectively and providing full team support!

Working Hours: 8am-6pm

Assistant Manager:

The assistant manager’s main responsibilities on camp revolve around supporting the senior team with general duties on camp. This role allows for a whole host of variety, from keeping up with financial records to liaising with parents and guardians! 

Working Hours: 8:30am-6pm

Early Years Manager:

The most important part of this role is overseeing early years children and staff and ensuring the EYFS framework is upheld within our camps. This is also completed alongside other senior team duties, such as being the main point of contact for OFSTED.

Working Hours: 8am-6pm

Senior Sports Instructor:

The main responsibility within this role, is supporting staff with activity sessions on camp, however this role is also responsible for some admin tasks such as producing activity timetables and striving to continuously improve their colleagues’ knowledge of sports, while being the one to oversee Early and Late Clubs too!

Working Hours: 7:30am-5pm

Camp Administrator:

The person responsible for managing all paperwork on site and generally ensuring all admin tasks are completed to the best possible standard, plus helping to support fellow camp staff.

Working Hours: 8:30am-5:30pm