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I started working at the beginning of summer 2016 as a Senior Sports Instructor at Harlow camp. What I enjoyed most at camp was, the range of different activities was so broad it made making the experience as enjoyable and varied as possible. Working with barracudas has helped me to improve my leadership skills through a hands-on experience. Also this has helped me to gather skills and ideas on how to differentiate any game to get maximum enjoyment for the children. I would definitely recommend Barracudas to anyone, as there really is no job like it. Every day was different and you get paid to have fun with the children at camp! All the staff were fantastic and the facilities are amazing! I can't wait to go back!


James James 2nd November 2016

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Lifeguard Roles Available

A large number of our camps are lucky enough to have swimming pools on site. This means loads of children get to enjoy swimming at least twice a week. All this fun and splashing would not be possible without all the wonderful lifeguards that work with us over the summer season.

With 39+ camps this year we need more lifeguards than ever! We offer Monday - Friday seasonal work, so your evenings and weekends are free! We also offer great rates of pay starting from £275 per week! You would also be able to come along to one of our pool training courses, which contribute towards your NPLQ personal development. 

When recruiting lifeguards, not only do we ensure you have the correct qualifications and experience, we also look for the added FUN you’re going to bring to camp! Around the pool, you must be responsible yet approachable, but if and when you need to work with the children outside of the pool area, we need a member of staff who is FUN and energetic around camp. 

Camps across Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Sussex, Bedfordshire and London are all recruiting Lifeguards with a relevant NPLQ, NARS American Red Cross or HABC Level 2 Lifeguard qualification. 

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, make sure you fill in the application form soon! 

Please note, we will not be live with applications for 2017 until mid November!

Any queries, please contact us on 01480 497533, or email